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May 18th your chance to speak out against the dog and cat meat trade

May 18th marks the 2nd Anniversary of the NoToDogMeat World Awareness day against the cruel dog and cat meat trade.

Can you join us that weekend? Last year there were events in over 36 cities.

It can be something simple, like handing out flyers at your local mall. 

Or attending one of our larger in events in London or Stateside.

We have a ton of t shirts you can select from on our website and flyers and banners to download.


Equally you can make your own and all animal welfare groups are welcome.

This day/ this weekend is when we stand united for our fur kids and say Stop Eating our Best Friends. Stop Torturing them. 

All animals deserve rights.

contact : [email protected]

NoToDogMeat campaigns on behalf of the registered UK charity known as 

World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade



Uk donations eligible for gift aid

Bless all your hearts for caring!


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