Update #4 ·

ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT - let's reach our goal!

We have more than $4000 to raise by the end of the month to reach our fundraising goal for the Fragile Waters film by Rick Wood, for Orca Network. 

PLEASE DONATE NOW, and SHARE the project with your friends - the film will spread awareness about the fragile state of our Southern Resident orcas, and the salmon they depend upon for their survival.

Below is a recent entry from filmmaker Rick Wood's blog about the work that lies ahead - please help us make this film a reality and donate now - you can learn more on the Fragile Waters website.

It starts.... 03/11/2014

  This is really that moment when the "Great Push" to get wild footage of salmon and orcas begins. From now until September, we'll be covering tens of thousands of square miles, talking with dozens of people and spending more than a month (total time) out finding and filming killer whales. 

Cheers, - Rick Wood

And check out this great Orca - Salmon Photo blog!

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