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Industry lobbyists shouldn't be writing the legislation for tax credit incentives! AB #1839 will suffer without independent competition

The LA Times is now promoting the story of the new fight for tax credit incentives, but, the newspaper is still missing the story of the assembly bill that is most likely to help California win the fight for Hollywood. 

 AB #1780 is sponsored by Bring Hollywood Home.  It is time for independent leadership to have a voice in Sacramento so real business models can flourish in our state and big money can get off the bus and let real competition happen in the film, tv, commercial, music production and post production industries.

It is one thing to have the right to vote, but, the right to lobby is the only right that can make a difference for businesses in California strangled by unfair corporate advantage.  

Our legislation is a miracle considering the long push back to silence an independent lobby.  If small and medium sized producers are going to have a chance to work in California they need a voice in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

Saving 'Hollywood' is saving an iconic American industry from being outsourced just as manufacturing has been outsourced to other countries eager for jobs.  The 'rust' belt of America happened because our political will was lacking to fight back against the global grab for jobs.

Our 'stories' in film, TV, commercial, and music production have been more important than our military arsenal in America as they have been our peaceful export for freedom, democracy, and the values of our nation.  Let's give our independent producers the chance for film financing with legislation that will include everyone.  AB #1780 the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation sponsored legislation in the 2014 legislature.

Please sign our petition today and buy a ticket to our April 30th, dinner and night of magic and intrigue in Hollywood to support our leadership.  

Sharon Hardee Jimenez, Founder/President

Bring Hollywood Home 

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