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PIBBLE Story Highlight: April Howard

Initially, when my husband said we needed to get a pit bull I was very much against it. Like many others I had a skewed view of reality that the media has portrayed. I was scared. I thought that if we had this dog we would be putting ourselves at risk, little did I know this dog would come and steal my heart. We got Zeus when he was 8 weeks old. We took him home and at first we didn't bond. He was wild. He would chase me around the house and nip at my heels and then look at me with a funny little grin. As time went on, and he grew older he developed his own little personality. He is the funniest dog with the biggest heart. He loves to visit our neighborhood kids and give them kisses. He thinks every dog is his best friend and wouldn't have it any other way. The picture demonstrates the kind, loving Zeus we all know and love. The Zeus that even sleeps with his favorite blanket.

We LOVE your PIBBBLE stories sooooo much! Please keep sending them and we will keep sharing!



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