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Do not bait by this sordid history, the practice of bait dogs are long gone and at least anecdotally : April 3, 2005 An issue of 30 Million Friends (France 2) broadcast a reporting showing a dog "equipped" with a hook for sharks. Following this report, the foundation 30 Millions d'Amis (30MA) has posted on its website, from April to October 2005, a petition denouncing this practice. Collecting more than 400,000 signatures, this petition was hand delivered to François Baroin, Sub Minister of Overseas Territories in November 2005. Through this action the 30MA Foundation obtained the implementation of several measures to Reunion:
- Imprisonment for the offending sinner
- Mass sterilization of stray dogs, but especially a prefectural ordinance prohibiting the presence on board on vessels of "any domestic carnivores".
The other images are those of a dog attacked by another dog during an organized street fight. Very common in the United States!

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