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To make government aware that it is not acceptable to plan high density buildings for people living in a specific environment without consulting them. Government need to look at alternative solutions, like to densify nearer to the city center. The green suburbs with lots of trees are essential to combat greenhouse gasses and to control storm water. To combat global warming is of utmost importance and this will not happen if the inner city and areas direct around it is not upgraded but suburbs far away from city centre's are targeted. Residents have a constitutional right to choose where they want to associate, - even if this choice is to invest all their savings in a house in a green suburb. They also have a constitutional right to enjoy family life, to have privacy - and not a high density flat next to them looking into their house and garden, and to protect their environment and biodiversity. This unilateral planning of government will cause massive environmental damage and needs correction and residents needs protection against this. In fact in suburbs near a highway, more trees are needed.

One huge tree emits 117kg of oxygen per year and will maintain 2 people. If a small area in a suburb is developed to be home to 250 people instead of 15 as previously, one also needs to plant 125 huge trees to combat air pollution. This is neglected and increased air pollution leads to increased global warming, which in turn leads to extreme weather phenomina and several deaths.

We need to take sustainable development with lots of green areas very seriously now.

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