Cathy Hope DeWolfe
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Hi Laurie. Thx for the sign. Every single one counts. I'll try to get video and people and pics but I'm signing petition after petition right now cdn when I catch up haha I'll add info. Thanks and share. We will make a difference. Google The Hand of Hope and look for the key word Cathy. Lots of sites I've neglected but my web page designer is great and I will be updating soon. Opening pages on FB also in a week or two from fun to serious. Appreciate all who would like to share anything.the more the merrier I'm open minded and a non judgemental person. Always learn from the least suspecting sources Have a great year everyone. Let's ride like there's no tomorrow. It is the YEAR OF THE HORSE. Strength and courage and hopefully unconditional love will happen globally for all species and vegetation. Peace

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