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The games are over. The fight goes on.

 "That [closing ceremony] moment when the Olympic flame was extinguished was the moment our real work began," Black says.

So, just what is the "real work" that comes next? Black and Jennings say keeping attention on the situation in Russia, whether through consistent press coverage or celebrity statements, is one key. Direct support is another. 

If you're an LGBT person or ally, Black and Jennings say, consider spending your next vacation in Russia working alongside gay rights activists there. If you can't go, they recommend sending money through the Russia Freedom Fund or other channels. 

And if Sochi ticks you off but you'd rather spend of some of that energy elsewhere, they're quick to remind that homosexuality is still a crime in more than 75 countries. 

"We had this big, bright flame with the Olympics," Black says. "Now we have to keep the attention on Russia and other places where LGBT equality is even further behind now that that flame is gone. We have to fill that void with our light and our truth."


What can you do to support LGBT Russia? Leave a comment with your ideas.

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