Update #9 ·


I'm so angry and upset! The woman who was helping me get Polly has only gone and took her for herself!! 

She was texting/ringing my mum all week and I really trusted her. I was feeding Polly her dinner every night without fail and when I found out she was gone last night I walked miles for 2 hours in the rain trying to find her yet the woman couldn't of even texted my mum to say that she had her! I had a safe perfect home all ready for her where I could see her every week. We even hired a horse trailer to get her. I spent hours replying to comments on my petition and hours looking for a loving home for her. Yet this woman has just come in and taken her away from me. I got a real bond with Polly how dare she think she can just take her when I was the one who put all the hard work in!!

I walked miles everyday to see her, spent all my money, risked my life! Had death threats and alot more and she says she is going to help me get her and betrays me!!! 

So I'm sooo sorry to say that thanks to this woman I don't have a clue where Polly is! If she left it to me it would of been a happy ending.

Campaign closed


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