This campaign matters to me because I've been married 40 years and my soon to be divorce husband came home one Sunday from church and told me he was going to stab me in my neck. I've been going through verbally abuse for 3 years. He would accuse me of dating women and men. He would Aldo tell people who would sit down with him and tell them. Which is all lies. He drinks and use drugs. He have threaten me before but not like this time. It was a rage about him and he called two of our daughters and told them what he was going to do with their mother. I called the police and had him arrested. Out grandson was in the other room. I forgot about him because I was trying to save my life. He is fine. I used to lock myself in my house like I was in prison. My 12 year old grand use to stay with me because I was afraid to stay in the house by myself. I prayed day and night for God to help and he did. If I could help one person not to go through what I went through and still going through. I would love to talk to any woman or persons who is going throughDVC

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