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​YOU are what makes America GREAT!!!

YOU are what makes America GREAT!!!

  God bless everyone, who has signed and/or shared this petition. And I mean it from the top and bottom of my heart. Thank you very much!!

  Jack Cunningham


  We are nearing 10,000 total supporters and over 9,000 petition signers.

  End this Political Abuse of Power now...

  We, the undersigned People of the United States, are deeply concerned how the State of New Jersey has denied a decorated, combat veteran of the United States, his due rights as the plaintiff against a corrupt state government lawyer, Robert Correale, his former law firm, Maynard & Truland and all state government politicians and state officials who have protected them. We ask that you give John "Jack" Cunningham his Due Process that the State of New Jersey has denied him for over a decade.

( Details at:     https://www.causes.com/campaigns/39358-support-a-...    ) "


  Jack Cunningham

  In America's military, we are always Green...

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