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In November 2013, The Sentencing Project released a report analyzing the effects of policies banning people with drug convictions from receiving welfare and nutrition assistance. The report, entitled "A Lifetime of Punishment: The Impact of the Felony Drug Ban on Welfare Benefits," showed disproportionate impacts on women, children, and African Americans. Their conclusion: "for a multiplicity of reasons, the ban not only fails to accomplish its putative goals, but also is likely to negatively impact public health and safety."

SB 1029, a bill to overturn California's ban on people with nonviolent drug felony convictions from receiving CalFresh and CalWORKs will face its first legislative hurdle in a hearing before the Senate Human Services Committee on Tuesday April 8, 2014. Please sign our petition to lift the ban so that we can demonstrate community support for this bill as it's heard by the Senate Human Services Committee.

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