WOW! 2 months came and gone just like that! This was my first ever stream charity session, and I can't thank you all from the bottom of my heart how amazing the support has been! There were a few weeks of hiccups, but we all grouped together and still raised money even though I was forced offline!! You guys FREAKING ROCK!!! Donating to a cause like this warms me all over da place! I've recently lost a lot of my family members to breast cancer and most recently an amazing friend: Amy aka "CutterBups". Her death was taken pretty hard, not just by me, but the entire gaming community was in mourn for losing such a bright and talented spirit! <333 Miss you so much Amy!!! 

So, with this, I end my first ever CHARITY STREAM! We have a lot more to do, so get those generous gamer pocket books ready!!! $10 can go a LONG way to people that truly need it. Health is something you can't really ignore, and it's so wonderful to see others pitch in and help in that time of need! Being a chronic migraine sufferer myself, I know it all too well, the bills, the loss of work..It truly freaking sucks!! So this helps lighten the load and again...every LITTLE BIT HELPS!! <3333

[Donators Giveaway] As promised, a pair of Razer Krakens, GunnarOptiks, Kontrol Freeks and Loot Crate swag will be sent to one of you lucky fans for contributing!!! Hey, it's the least I could do for my first charity :D I promise more things + better stream experience when I host my next one <3

I'll be picking ^ Said winner later today [3/24/2014] !!

Due to a few "Causes.Com" Complications a few of the donations weren't received via Email, so I asked you to FORWARD ME YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAILS! If you did not somehow contact me, via Email: [email protected] - Twitch.tv/MrsViolence - Twitter.com/MrsViolence or Facebook.com/MrsViolenceFanPage -  - then I didn't get your submission!  You have till 5pm PST TODAY [3/24/14] To turn them in if you didn't. Please do not send prior donations, this only started to happen within the past two weeks of our charity ;) 

Thanks again to all that supported, watched, donated, tweeted, facebooked, and even instagramed our Charity Stream!!! :D LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCHOOOOO!!! :D 

Can't forget to thank my team that made this all possible in thee SHORTEST amount of time! Jenny, you are so amazing. Your GFX talent and past charity experience was seriously what I needed to have at my helm <33333 

So thank you everyone, so very much for making this a huge success..We didn't raise our goal, but we nearly did, even with people trying to hold us down! 

All the love,

Kelly MrsViolence Kelley & RawrSquad <3

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