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This is my family that I am fighting for due to illegal theft by a Charity. Charities exist to furnish aid if one needs it. These dogs of mine were my life and I am their life. The oldest stolen was Polley aged 9 years old has since she was 6 weeks old. Each of them have their own personalities. Dogs do indeed feel, pain,sorrow, despair and distress. I am fighting for my dogs and what happened to us. Your support is very much appreciated. The cost of this fight is immense. Costs for printing, photocopying, mailing, binders, etc amongst other things such as court travel and court actions are expensive and I have suffered much financial burden fighting for justice. We are asking for your help and I have a gofundme campaign set up at the following link. If you can help please my dogs and I would be grateful. Thank you http://www.gofundme.com/42y9u8



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