Tran Bao
Tran Bao campaign leader

“I don’t want to study. Why do I have to? I’m going to sell lottery tickets or work for a motorbike repair shop anyway”

Phuc stubbornly told me as he resisted my effort to explain a math problem to him. Phuc lives with around 20 other boys at Anh Sang Shelter, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The shelter is run under the care of 3 supervisors and all the boys are encouraged to go to school, either official school system or vocational training. However, most of the boys have very poor academic performance and show no interest in studying.

What Phuc told me above happened during my tutoring time with him last summer. Although I understood it was a common message fed daily to hundreds of children living in shelters like Phuc, I couldn't help feeling hurt by his words. If only I could make him see all the potentials I saw in him, showing him how smart and inquisitive he is. If only I could persuade him that hard work does pay off, that a better life is by no means beyond his reach. Inside me a strong urge arouse: I knew I didn't want to just stop at “If only”. I wanted to make those wishes come true, and SEALNet Project Vietnam 2014 is how I'm trying to live with that determination, coming back to Vietnam and helping children living in shelters like Phuc realize and believe in their potentials. Your donation, no matter how large or small, is an essential support to get me closer to my goal.
Please help me make changes to the future of these children with your donation!

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