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This is for my family's passed love one. At a young age she was brutally murdered by he ex boy friend. All because he wanted to be with someone else. So her and my mom skipped school. Where my aunt Bonnie went for a walk with him so they went to the cemetery. They went into one of the buildings on the site and began to talk. But this man 'Chris' had planned to kill my aunt. He had told numeral people he was going to do it. When the day came he did. He was be hind her strangling her with clothingline rope. She went limp he didn't know if she was really dead so he tied the clothesline around something so if she woke she would end up strangling her self. Chris continued to tell everyone what he did no one belived him UNTIL he SHOWED HER LIFELESS BODY to his friends. Who later ratted him out. He told my mother who was waiting for Bonnie to get back. That she had walked home. She was no were to be found. Later her body was identified. And she was burried on her brothers. Birthday. That day has now been a yearly reminder not only for him but all of our family. Tho I did not get to meet her. I knew how much she was loved. My mother and her seemed closed from all the stories she had once told me. But how is it fair she dies for no reason while he gets the chance to be free?? Clearly there is something wrong with the choices being made.


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