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Coco needs to FIND her Furever Home!!

Please consider giving to http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/in-honour-of-our-furever-friends/142505 in order to HELP Finding Furever Homes continue to help dogs like Coco and Colin. Even just a few pounds, dollars here, there helps with board for just one night. £10 can board a dog for a night ! >>

Please share Coco's story >  Coco needs to FIND her Furever Home…  Please share on Facebook, RT on twitter (#home4coco) or e-mail your friends her profile page so we spread the appeal for this gorgeous girl across the UK and help get her home.  Coco is currently living in emergency boarding and it is heart breaking to see such a lovely girl sitting in kennels when she could be enjoying finally being part of a loving home.  She absolutely LOVES visitors and  the opportunity to get out and about and is so sad to them go.  Her assessment with a professional behaviourist suggested she has a fabulous character, is a friendly, affectionate and SMART girl who picks things up quickly – in just 5 minutes she was walking to heel in the paddock but needs an owner who is assertive and will commit to maintaining that discipline – and help Coco flourish and develop. We will be holding a twitterthon Thursday 13th March at 8.30pm to shout out the message that we need a #home4coco and show everyone just how lovely she is.  Coco is very keen to meet other dogs and is friendly towards them; she loves squeaky toys, fetching balls and running loop de loops when she’s on her extension lead.  When out with Coco she will sit, wait and fetch her toys.  She has excellent recall responding to a quick whistle or calling of her name.  She will give you her paw and loves to learn and interact with you, this does mean she can initially be over excited and quite bouncy however once her routine is in place her assessment shows she is very intelligent and we are sure she will flourish with an experienced Foster or Furever Home..  Coco deserves to be the ONLY dog in her Furever Home so that she can have the attention and devotion she has missed out on in her early life.  Coco was used for breeding at a young age and discarded very soon after, maybe even before her pups were weaned – so she certainly needs a loving home now to make up for what she has experienced before.  She can be reactive around other dogs if provoked and would need a calm, quiet home where she can learn to relax and not be worried – ideally with an experienced staffy owner who can give her the exercise, attention and set boundaries for this loving, keen to learn girl.


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