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"If a survivor feels safe to share his or her story within a church setting--whether that is with a full congregation or with smaller groups within the church--this can provide a very powerful opportunity for both the survivor and the other members of the faith community. The survivor may feel empowered by the opportunity to inspire and educate others through their experiences. In turn, community members can learn from the survivor, thereby becoming more aware of the dynamics of intimate partner violence and the needs that other survivors may face."

Read more about creating safe spaces for survivors to share their stories in churches in today's See the Triumph blog post.

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Our mission at See the Triumph is to end the stigma around intimate partner violence and to provide supportive resources for survivors of past abuse. This month, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are focusing in on one goal: To raise awareness about the strength, resilience, and resourcefulness of survivors, as well as the need to end the stigma that survivors face. Our theme for the…

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Every community needs strong voices for ending intimate partner violence and ensuring that survivors within those communities are supported and able to access helpful resources. Based on our research and our work thus far with the See the Triumph campaign, we have learned that every person can make a difference by challenging the stigma surrounding intimate partner violence within their own…

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We invite you to take this pledge to share a message of strength and support to those who have been a victim of any form of intimate partner violence. Unfortunately, survivors of intimate partner violence are so often are judged and stigmatized in our society.  This pledge is for every victim and survivor of an abusive relationship who has been told that she or he is to blame for that abuse.  …

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