Meghan Atherton
Meghan Atherton 1 pledge

On March 17, 2014.. My class and I had a discussion in Religion class about doing a Mandala. We discussed appropriate and inappropriate reasons to be allowed to draw on this poster and post around the school. Being the curious group that my two best friends and I are we notice that GLBT is under "inappropriate". Then being the demanding teenagers that we are we question this only to expect a vague reason of why this life experience is classified as inappropriate to discuss and share. CLEARLY, being in a Catholic school that is K-12 it is "inappropriate" to share our opinion that we think is basically just a wedding between two people who love each other in harmony! People who get married and are male and female get divorced.. that doesn't mean they truly loved each other. What is so different about same sex marriage? PERPOSTEROUS! Being the students we are; we are doing the poster to defend these rights. We were told to expect a suspension. However, we were proud enough to ask for the suspension beforehand. This is unreasonable. What is life without support? Ridiculous..

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