Update #12 ·

Delivery and Acceptance of our Petition to South African officials.

14 March 2014. Our covering letter, petition and signature list were accepted in person by President Zuma's office and Minister van Schalkwyk's office in Pretoria. Same documents were emailed to four high-ranking personnel in Minister Molewa's office. Same documents were emailed to Ms Helen Zille, Ms Marti Wenger and Mr Stuart Farrow of the Democratic Alliancewere, and we received email receipt from the DA. Same documents will be delivered in person in to the SA Embassy in Brussels next week, whilst another six offices of the SA Embassy around the globe have received same. If you would like to inform us of any response that you've received to the petition or anything else pertaining to this action, please leave a comment below. We now wait to see what action and results are forthcoming from the South African government to our petition. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful support and care for our African wildlife, which is under serious threat.

Campaign closed


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