Update #9 ·

Two Clean Water Victories for Dolphins and the Indian River Lagoon

After a year of unprecedented dolphin and manatee deaths in Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie County and Brevard County passed strong responsible fertilizer ordinances.  Lawn fertilizing will be banned during the summer rainy season from June 1 to September 30.  Lawn fertilizing set backs from waterways will be increased to 15 feet.  At least 50% slow-release nitrogen must now be applied.

We delivered 7,586 letters to the County Commission Chairpersons.  Days later, the Brevard County Commission vote was a unanimous 5 – 0 in favor of new lawn fertilizing standards.  St Lucie voted in essentially the same ordinance, with the same three steps. St Lucie adopted a more rigorous ordinance "to address the water quality issues and environmental degradation of the Indian River Lagoon, which is vital to the economy of our County, the region and our quality of life."

With four out of five lagoon counties passing strong fertilizer ordinances, our campaign now moves to Volusia County.  The public hearings will be on April 3.  We need your help because the Volusia Commissioners are favoring the weaker state standards that does not include the summer ban or use of any slow release nitrogen. 

If you live in Florida, especially Volusia County, please write or call either the Commission or your own Commissioner.  Please invite others to join with you in contacting Volusia County Commissioners. Visit our website for more information.


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