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These are the kind of dogs that are euthanized every day at Manhattan ACC and Animal Control because of their 3 day time limit. Dogs that are healthy, have loving dispositions, and are highly adoptable!

As one facebook crossposter trying to save animals asked,

"Question. Why was this dog put down with less than three days of advertisement? Could they have at least given the dog two more days? How can they get their urgents rescued with minimal advertising? I see this as unfair to the dog.”

And then another said, "How can we try to find fosters or rescue groups to place these dogs with when we don’t even get listings on these dogs till sometimes a day or two before they’re killed and since they’re euthanized in 3 days, we don’t even have enough time to sufficiently share their photos or info to find a foster or rescue for the majority of them... even though many lives could be saved! "

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