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I think that most people who work to rescue and save the animals which come into Manhatten ACC every day, see the unfairness of ACC and the very callous manner that they treat the animals! Instead of caring about these animals, and really trying to save as many lives as they can, (as that is what their mission should be!) they run the shelter in a most hard-hearted manner, I regret to say, treating the animals lives as if they are worthless and at the end of three days, with no exception, whatsoever, they’re euthanized even if a rescue group notified them and just needed a little more time to save the animal(s) lives! People for example who work to network to save animals on facebook are always running into the cold and unyielding practices of the Manhatten ACC and even if a rescue group tried to negotiate a more realistic time frame in which they could actually implement a rescue, they will not even give them any extra time- why no they couldn’t do that even if it meant saving many more animals’ lives every day, every month and every year! How can you run a good shelter or animal care center if you do not manage it with humanity? After all, isn’t that what an ACC or shelter is supposed to be all about- showing compassion for these poor animals who suddenly find themselves there because they are abandoned, dropped off and homeles and have no means to take care of themselves! Rescuing animals, often times, requires coordination between groups and time to raise money to care for the animals, and even arrange for pick-up! Aren’t the animals’ lives important enough for you to do this? We are asking that you please give these animals more time than 3 days! After 3 days, most of these animals are killed and only a small percentage are adopted. This doesn’t even allow enough time for owners to possibly find their beloved pet or if it is a stray, for rescue groups to find a good home for this animal. People who care about animals are not asking for the impossible, they are just asking for more time and consideration for the sake of the animals!

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