Radcliffe Pets sell puppies, under license by Bury Council (the Council responsible for licensing horrendous puppy farm Bentley Hall Farm).

Puppies are bought in from puppy farms and sold to the public from a shop window. 

Dogs are not vaccinated when they are sold and the details of where they have come from are not given to the customer. They claim this is because "He [the breeder] doesn't want his details getting out".

The shop have indicated in a phone call with NWAFA today that the puppies are sourced from a farm in Leek called Leek Hall Farm. Leek Council have today confirmed that they don't have any dog breeders registered as Leek Hall Farm. 

Here's a summary of the conversation we had with them.

The dogs in question are a pair of Shar Pei bitches. We were told they are 12 weeks old. They are advertised online as 20 weeks old. We were told they were "pure bred".

We asked the shop about where the puppies came from and who bred them and were told:

"They're cheap because they have no papers or anything. The breeder doesn't want his details given out because he doesn't sell to the public, just to pet shops."

When we pushed them on the breeders details they said:

"We buy them from a puppy farm in Leek thats all I can tell you."

When asked about vaccinations and paperwork, they said:

"They haven't had anything, we've wormed them but that's it. It's up to whoever buys them to do that stuff." "They don't have any paperwork, we just have the name of the person who bred them which we have to keep but you'll just get a little piece of paper with the date they were wormed by us."


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