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Check out PeTA's undercover videos of the what really happens to all the defenseless furry animals at those Chinese Fur Farms; including the video of how the Angora rabbits are treated by yanking off their fur in cold blood - their beautiful white fur is regularly used by some fashion designers as a "très chic" accessory on winter jackets etc. FORTUNATELY, Peta's video caused a loud and clear outcry to the big fashion designers who rapidly did away with all the angora products from their stores and also banned all the importation of angora fur from China or elsewhere, God bless them for that! I truly wish the same would happen to ALL the clothing production in the world. In our day and age, when synthetic fur is just as perfect as the real one, WHY ON EARTH do we need to torture or kill animals for it? This is so senseless and so unbearably cruel !

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