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What happens in Mississippi...


Last night, the Mississippi House of Representatives voted to send the “religious discrimination” bill there back to a committee for “further study.” This procedural move was a way to keep the bill alive, even though supporters of the bill knew they didn’t have the votes to pass it. [1] 

The debate last night in the House was a powerful testament to the momentum that has been created against these unnecessary, unconstitutional, and un-American “religious discrimination” bills. Again and again, lawmakers referenced the bill vetoed in Arizona and insisted that they didn’t want Mississippi to support the same kind of blanket discrimination that Arizona’s SB 1062 invoked. [2] And we send our congratulations to the folks at the ACLU of Mississippi and the Campaign for Southern Equality, who did an incredible job of organizing to push back on this bill. 

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There is much work still ahead, but it's clear that we're winning in this struggle. And GetEQUAL will continue to monitor these bills in other states where they have not yet come up for a final vote -- states like Idaho, Kansas, Ohio, Virginia, and others. But we can't let our foot up off the gas. We must continue to be vigilant and to ensure that these bills don't pass through legislatures in the dead of night, as opponents of equality realize that they must "sneak" these bills through since public support for them is deteriorating. 

The bill in Mississippi isn’t dead yet -- it will surface again, and supporters of the bill are relying on our silence to get it through the legislature. We will not be silent, we will not be complacent, and we will not be complicit in allowing these bills to etch discrimination into state law! 

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Power concedes nothing without demand, 

Heather Cronk
GetEQUAL Co-Director 

[1] Statement from the ACLU of Mississippi
[2] Article: “Mississippi House Votes To Keep Religious Freedom Bill Alive, Passing Amended Language”

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