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Killer whales, with chimps and elephants, are the three most intelligent animals after humans. They are highly socially oriented and normally live in close matriarchal family groups, often for their entire long lives. I find it inhumane to take them from such intimate relationships and train them to do behaviors solely for the amusement of paying customers. The capture of orcas from the wild is now banned but SeaWorld is breeding them artificially by masturbating their only mature whale, Tillicum to impregnate female orcas to obtain young. Such unnatural practices should cease and all captive whales should be acclimated for ultimate release in the wild. A process SeaWorld should finance from the billions they have made over the years from trained captive whale acts. I was SeaWorld's Curator of Fishes from 1965-1974. I have seen what goes on. It is time SeaWorld ceases these circus-like shows and focuses on true conservation of the oceans and its inhabitants.

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