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The LAW applies TO ALL!

Please review this page in it's entirety. In order to get the full scope of what the St. Louis County Sheriff, the Hibbing Police Department, District 6 Prosecutor for the State, James Borland, his boss in the private sector practicing law, Richard Sellman attorney at law, aka City of Hibbing Attorney and Investigator #519 with the Hibbing Police Department, assisted by elite private sector accomplices, the Clarks (my neighbors), and others of the community, as well as my now disowned family members Charlotte Koski and her step family the Scartozzi's. I have compiled all my material (Evidentiary Facts) here in one place. My father an Army Vet was murdered by the stalkers, under the guise of healthcare. Facts concerning the cover up of his murder are posted further down on this page. This has all been reported as Deprivation of Constitutional and Human Rights, Color of Law Violations and most recently Public Corruption/White Collar Crime. Those in receipt of these complaints are the MN Department of Human Rights (2007), The US The United States Department of Justice, and ongoing updates of recent criminal activity and white collar crimes targeting me, to the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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