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this is my grand daugther born with mulitple birth defects. I handled , mixed by hand and power sprayed agent orange herbicides during the Vietnam War and later in the pacific theater of operations from 1968 to 1978. I am a retired Air Force senior NCO who has more than 20 diseases associated with my Agent Orange herbicide duties. Not only did I kill hundreds of thousands of my fellow veterans and their children, grand children and great grand children I have done the same thing to my own child and only grand child. God Forgive me . I was lied to by our government and now they ignore what has happened and is happening.Now as of today my grand daughter was discovered to have birth defects of both eyes which was found out in Pre K at age 5 and now they have diagnosed her with asperger's syndrome. She is having a very difficult time. I have also been diagnosed with colon rectal cancer with a very large tumor protruding from me. The ERIE VAMC MISDIAGNOSED me for last 15 yrs,calling it hemmeroids. Then they botched a Colonoscopy surgery and biopsies,causing severe infections in my rectum and colon.

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