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Flexible plastic packaging to grow exponentially by 2018

Do you think Trader Joe's plastic packaging is excessive?

You've seen nothing yet.

The plastics industry is moving rapidly towards more flexible plastic packaging - a market that is expected to grow to $351 Billion by 2018. 

What is flexible packaging? Plastic pouches, plastic film, even more lightweight plastic bottles that blow in the wind, and more plastic packaging than ever, specifically intended to be discarded. Plastic film is notoriously difficult to collect and recycle, and so are lightweight plastic bottles, plastic pouches such as the ones for Capri Sun and other beverages. 

Read the article from Flexible Packaging news.

The end of life plan? You. The American Chemistry Council is launching a Facebook campaign to educate you on how to recycle more!  Imagine if that funding was instead directed towards innovation and sustainable packaging design. 

Please sign the petition, share this article and tell Trader Joe's:

"We do not want your plastic! You are responsible for it."


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