Gina Harrison
Gina Harrison campaign leader

Applications are now available for NHS students to apply for a Carlin Summer Camp Fund grant. This is our first year offering funds for our freshmen, sophomores and juniors to attend a summer arts camp.

After awarding almost $30,000 in college scholarships, we were hearing that our current students need more support while they're still at Northwood. So last year we created this new fund to honor our much loved theatre instructor, Lori Carlin, as she left NHS to become the Chatham County Schools Public Information Office and Arts Coordinator. The program is modeled on the very successful one created by our sister organization, the JM Arts Foundation. Students will be able to use funds for a summer arts camp of their choice…focusing on choral or instrumental music, visual arts, dance, theatre, creative writing, or digital arts. We hope for transformative experiences that they'll come back and share with us and their classmates next year.

Please join us and make a contribution today!

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