Ivy Leak Kennels in County Durham is run by notorious puppy pedlar KEVIN KNOX.

Sick puppies are sold to unsuspecting families. Many puppies are dying within hours and days of arriving in their new homes and others require immediate costly veterinary treatment. This kennels has been investigated TWICE by BBC Inside Out programme yet Durham Council continue to license them.

NWAFA are demanding an immediate revocation of the dog breeding and pet shop licenses issued at this premises and an investigation in to the sale of sick puppies.

Beagles, Shih Tzu crosses and Bichons are amongst the breeds peddled by Knox. Owners have reported numerous health and behavioural problems. Despite attempts to contact Knox, owners who have experienced problems were stonewalled.

As well as breeding sick dogs, Ivy Leaf Kennels buy in puppies from other breeders to sell on. These puppies are taken from their mothers side and transported to Durham for sale. Customers never see mum and do not have the opportunity to know where she is and the conditions she is being kept in.

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