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I've heard about WWF since I was in university. It's an environmental organization with many years of experience on species conservation work. Well, wildlife has always been my passion. So if I want to give contribution to species work, I know I have to come and work for WWF.

My grandfather used to tell me bedtime stories about wild animals, so when when I was in university, I used to spend my vacation days doing voluntary work.

Fieldwork is always challenging, especially because Sumatran tigers occur at very low densities which means we have to cover extensive forest areas and spend days in search for tiger signs.

The camera trap is really a fantastic tool. Before camera traps were available, the study of Sumatran tigers relied mainly on footprints, or scratch marks on a tree, [and] you might confuse their size, especially when the footprints are old. But with the camera traps, you'll reduce this error by having pictures of tigers and you can identify the individuals from their stripes. So distribution data, population data, are more actual.

We share this common and common passion for saving Sumatran tigers. So the team treat me in a way that I get this self-confidence

There are many ways to help tiger conservation. People can easily get the information about tigers, learn about why they are important in our eco-system.

Another way is to make sure that every product that we use in our daily lives, such as the paper we use for writing, toilet paper or even our cooking oil and the snacks that we consume are come from the certified, sustainable plantations.

I think it is important that we give our support especially to the government of Indonesia. Trusting that they can do the right thing, by implementing action plans that can help save our tigers.

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