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I-Team: Families Outraged After Macabre Nursing Home Deaths

  • I-Team: Families Outraged After Macabre Nursing Home Deaths..Families of two Korean War veterans say a Long Island nursing home neglected basic care and left their elderly loved ones to suffer gruesome deaths last year. In one case, a former soldier died after his bedsores grew so large and deep, a human hand could fit inside some of the gaping holes in his skin. Another elderly veteran with dementia died after nursing staff lost sight of him for nearly an hour and he accidentally hanged himself while trying to wiggle out of a wheelchair restraint. Thomas Bischoff lived at the Suffolk Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing for several years. By the time of his death at age 74 on March 18, 2013, pressure ulcers, better known as bedsores, covered much of his backside. 
  • Chief White Owl aka George Dahmer is not alone. This is another Horrific Story on how Neglect and Abuse needs to STOP in Nursing Homes. Should Not be happening PERIOD!! This is a DISGRACE to the HUMAN RACE. HELP STOP the Unnecessary Pain, Suffering, or even Death that keeps prevailing in these Bad Nursing Homes. Shine the Light on a Very Critical Issue. It's the Right thing to do. The Bigger the Army of We The People the faster the Tables Will Turn. Right?  You never know when you, I, or a loved one might end up in one. Best Quality of Care Needed. Thank You!
  • When you get a chance and go to Petition (click) 'ask friends and supporters to sign with you'.>>> Go to Select: Press 'All' >>>Scroll down to Send Messages(PRESS) Keep pressing send messages till there are no more friends to send to. It is awesome if you haven't already done it. Asking and Hoping for everyone's ongoing help to see changes made. The Petition is currently at 6,244 and counting. Hoping that the Signatures will massively ^^INCREASE^^ with all us doing our part. Please spread the word. Thank You SO very much!! {hugs} Debbie Dahmer (Campaign Leader)


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