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Ava, Ariel & Astra are still looking for homes

Ava, Ariel and Astra are still looking for a person who will adopt them.

They are spayed and up-to-date with vaccinations. 

All three are small by size (similar to dachshund) making them ideal for the apartment. 

Please share them for the loving homes ♥


Here is more info about them:

Ava, Ariel and Astra are three sisters found abandoned on a countryside while still being small puppies, all alone, left to fend for themselves. Now they are app. 11 months old, vaccinated against contagious deceases and rabies, completely cleaned from external & internal parasites. 

Ariel and Astra are very similar by looking as well as by their behaviour. They are both very playful, cheerful and like to be in the company of other dogs and people. Ava is on the other hand shy and reserved, but once she meets a person she is the biggest molly on earth.


Please share their appeal for forever home as that is what they deserve: a human who will love and care for them, spoil them and provide them with lots of TLC!

Thank you!


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