Mimi in her new home, while sisters are still in need of one!

Hello everybody!!

I am pronouncing the VICTORY for this pledge and by that closing it.

The pledge partially achieved what we hoped for.

Mimi was safely transported to her new home in UK along with two other dogs, while 3 sisters, Ava, Ariel and Astra are still looking for their homes.

That is why I would like to ask you to continue to share their other pledge as they surely deserve a home where they will be loved and cared for:

As for their boarding expenses, 3 sisters found a sponsor who will from now on support their safe stay in the shelter until they find forever homes. Big YAY for that :)

I would like to thank you all for supporting these dogs through this time, sharing their appeals and donating towards their needs. All of this could not be achieved without your help!

Big THANK YOU to all of you!

Future updates regarding sisters will be made in other pledge, so please keep on sharing them for loving adopters:

Thank you!


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