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I am proud to support the Stop Abuse Campaign because I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and lived a life of incest from my stepfather who was a sociopath and fathered my child. My ultimate devastation was learning that not only did my mother know, she promoted my abuse.

My heart aches for the innocent children and adults who have been abused and have kept their dark and lonely secrets entangled in their pain for perhaps, a lifetime. The shame, guilt, and tremendous de-humanizing emotional torture of incest is unimaginable.

My mission now is to be a "voice" for these precious victims who have had none. My hope is that in sharing my story, it will give other victims and survivors the courage to seek the help that they are so deserving of and to let them know that they were not at fault in any way, and that they are not alone. We must NEVER become desensitized to the horrific crime of childhood sexual abuse and it must be stopped!

By joining this campaign, we are taking one step closer to ending this horrific crime! I am a public speaker at both universities and in my community and offer my story on Kindle and Nook - Thirty Years of Silence.

It takes each one of us.

Elise McGhee

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