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Announcing the upcoming Arabia Mountain meet-up dates for 2014.  We'll be  meeting on Saturdays this season, meet-up at 3:00 to begin climbing at   4:00.  Mark your calendars!    Saturday, March 29    Saturday, April 12    Saturday, May 10    Saturday, June 28    Saturday, July 26    Saturday, August 30    Saturday, September 27    Sometimes we have potluck after or go out.

  The Art Ashram is a monthly art event featuring both a traditional gallery showing as well as an interactive component designed to be the beginning of a dialog. The Concept The idea behind the Art Ashram project is rooted in the idea that art can and has been used as a way to both communicate and obtain those subtle spiritual experiences that many would label mystical.  Through the use of art it is our desire to begin a dialog.  A dialog between artist and patron, man and women, parent and child, etc…  We feel that art is that perfect symbolic language that both artist and mystic understand, furthermore it is that language that can be and should be accessible to everyone.  The Art Ashram’s purpose is to begin, encourage and support this dialog and facilitate an environment of creative freedom and spiritual transcendence.  We want to create an environment free from dogma and judgement, but instead encourages an open exploration and discussion of both art and spirit.  Ultimately we want to create a beautiful, meditative and innovative art experience that will serve patron, artist and venue alike.  We wish to have the supportive environment and creativity of Andy Warhol's Plastic Factory, combined with the meditative atmosphere of a Temple space.  Hence we want to truly create an Art Ashram.

The How  The show itself will take place once a month centered on a theme. The work of several artists will be shown, all contributing to the theme. Together the art will create a tapestry of concepts and perhaps even contradictions around the subject.  This part of the Art Ashram will resemble an art opening with a meditative atmosphere. The other aspect of the Art Ashram, the Warholian atmosphere in which patrons can actively participate, is interactive.  They can paint, draw, write, sing, and read poetry based on the theme.  Whole families can join in the dialog and draw and paint together.  Combined with the art that is being displayed, this will create an entire artistic and transcendent experience, the whole event becoming more than an art show and more of a shared experience. We feel this art event could become a strong force in the art and spiritual community and serve to bring these two strong communities together. Furthermore, we feel that this event could serve as a doorway for those who are “art curious”. An open and encouraging atmosphere such as this may spawn the next Da Vinci or Ram Dass. 

2014 Shows: 

March = Duality April = Balance May = Earth, Air, Fire, Water June = Our Body is Our Temple July = As Above So Below August = Nature of Happiness September = Cyclical Nature October = Death November = Rebirth December = Know Thyself  

FREE ILLUMINISM 1. Spiritual growth is incompatible with authoritarian structure. 2. Scientific Illuminism requires a non-dogmatic, experimental approach. 3. A free society linked in free communion should be actualized. 4. We facilitate, we do not lead. We do the Work, we do not extract oaths or dues, or require dogmatic beliefs. You can make these resolutions a reality. Join us! 

FREQUENTLY UPDATED LIST OF LODGES, TEMPLES, NODES - http://links.causes.com/s/clAzhq

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