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Polly Ellis (Bond) died from willful negligence Oct. 29th while recovering from a stroke in the hospital. She was an ex Miss California, actress and singer. was killed Oct. 29th, 2013 by a HOSPITAL while recovering from a stroke. She was improving but within an hour she died while there was no Doctor on the floor of the hospital. The family was contacted 40 minutes after she had died and no cause of death was given. Bond's son called the LAPD which came out to investigate her death, they got no answers from the hospital. Bond's son demanded a cause of death and her medical records, to which he and Bond's care provider were escorted out of the hospital as Bond's body was quickly stuffed into a body bag. To this date we have NO MEDICAL RECORDS and NO CAUSE OF DEATH. There is no doubt of a cover up on Bond's death. Police informed us this 'Eauthanasia goes on ALL THE TIME and they will not do anything about it. We WILL! The next victim could be a member of your own family or YOU!

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