Update #2 ·

Lets get one thing straight.

This petition has NOTHING to do with what the council did! It was their choice not mine how was I suppose to know the council was going to take the 2 ponies! My petition was to make people aware of what was going on and when I reached a goal I was going to present it to the Gypsys themselves and I was hoping they would give them up to a sanctuary! Or that somebody could rescue them. But seeing as nobody did and the council, RSPCA and the police aren't doing anything about the issue's I'm facing.. then I MYSELF a 18 year old girl will try get the ponies from the council and get them to a sanctuary. If you have nothing nice to say about the extreme efforts I took to try and help these ponies (on my own) and still am doing then get off my petition. This is still going to help the other ponies and make laws stricter. I've received death threats and all sorts yet I'm the only person who has actually took action- walked miles every day, spent all my money, published it as much as I could, put myself in vulnerable positions! 

Campaign closed


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