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You're invited: panel discussion on the 11th anniversary of the Iraq war

In 2003, then President George W. Bush authorized American bombs to rain down on Baghdad through Operation Iraqi Freedom. The war had tragic consequences for millions of Iraqi civilians, including Sundus Saleh, who lost her home, her livelihood, and was forced to flee to Jordan.

On March 19th, the 11th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, we will commemorate the injustices done to Sundus and countless other Iraqi refugees by bringing together Sundus' attorney, an Iraq War veteran, an activist, and Iraqi refugees with a panel discussion: "Remembering Iraq 11 Years Later, Then and Now."

No matter where you live there are two important ways you can be involved: 

  • Watch the event LIVE at 6pm PST, March 19th. Stay tuned for opportunities to submit your questions to the panelists! 
  • Forward the event details to the people you know in San Francisco and invite them to RSVP to the event!

Leave a comment to let us know you're excited to watch this powerful conversation! 

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