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Iditarod Training DOES cause SIGNIFICANT gastrointestinal damage

Photo-Dogs have been chained to exercise wheels and forced to run endlessly. Photo attributed to Grom HellScream on flickr, July 27, 2010

Training results in significant gastrointestinal damage:

“I reviewed a recent study about gastrointestinal damage resulting from training and racing sled dogs which appeared in a well-respected veterinary journal. Two of the more interesting conclusions presented were: Training alone, without the additional stress of racing, results in significant, measurable gastrointestinal damage. and Serious stomach ulcers and other significant, measurable gastrointestinal damage results from racing as little as 100 miles.” - Dr. Paula Kislak, DVM, President, Association of Veterinarians for Animals Rights - Email to the Sled Dog Action Coalition on December 17, 2006 Training creates negative metabolic and physiological imbalances: “Hypoglobulinemia in resting, conditioned sled dogs may reflect the immunosuppressive or catabolic effects of intense endurance training.” - McKenzie EC, Jose-Cunilleras E, et al. “Serum chemistry alterations in Alaskan sled dogs during five successive days of prolonged endurance exercise,” Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, May 15, 2007 “Hypoglobulinemia is a lower than normal concentration of globulins proteins.” - vetconnect.com.au, September 1, 2007

Source: http://helpsleddogs.org/the-harsh-reality/cruel-do...

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