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This is me Re-enlisting in the Navy in 1992. Because how I dealt with my defilement was to excel at my job. When the most depressing incident of my life happened it was in 1988 in "A" school. It all started with a girl L., who got jealous of me because the boy she liked, liked me. Well, it all started with a night of frivolity and then L said she didn't want to go back through the main gate because she was scared. So, we went to her friend J's house. I was put up in a room so I could sleep and I was left alone. When I awoke my hands and feet were tied to the four corners of the bed and J was on top of me and inside me when he says, "Don't worry, I've had a vasectomy". I was 18 I had no idea what that even meant, I was pretty naïve. Then the others came in, 7 of them. I was raped repeatedly, sodomized, pissed on, shit on, in every orifice you can imagine, and then L would come in and clean me up. Three days and two nights of this. On one of the clean up details, L forgot to lock the handcuffs, they were made of metal wrapped in very soft material as not to leave marks but, also makes it more difficult to know if they are locked. I escaped. I made it back to base showered, I had already been cleaned by L, I knew nothing of forensics then and I told one Chief who I trusted. I ran into J, the first rapist, on my way to school, he said, "you know, if you tell anyone, we'll kill you." I was 18 I believed him. So the Chief tried to get the 9 responsible arrested and prosecuted but the CO said no. Why? 1) He didn't want his perfect record at the base tarnished. 2) he was one of the men who believed Women did not belong in the military 3) I had names and SSNs, (still do and have turned it in to C & P and still refused 100%, I'm at 90%), and still he refused. The Chief never made Senior Chief. PTSD-MST is just as real as PTSD. I have to take a Xanax before going to the VAMC because of all the servicemen there. It's ridiculous. And then there's the date rapes, I have names of those too. I must've had a sign on my forehead that said weak and vulnerable but, not anymore. It's now out there with my picture. I hope they see it and fear that I have all the information I need to call dateline.

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