Update #18 ·

Our pressure is working

Hello Everyone,

Over the past two months, we've sent emails, written tweets, and made calls to UK Home Office officials demanding asylum for Aderonke.

These hundreds of messages have made an incredible impact:

  • Aderonke's caseworker, Emmanuel, grew so frustrated that he gave up her case to someone new and he no longer answers his phone.
  • Aderonke's solicitor now refuses to speak with her or tell her who the new caseworker is. 

We know that our power is working and as we begin to plan the next steps, we want to hear your ideas. 

Who else could we ask to stand up for Aderonke? How could we place more pressure on the officials handling her case? 

Leave your idea in the comments by clicking "Discuss the Update" below.

Thank you,
Ronnie Apata
Movement for Justice


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