Nancy Stephenson
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The sweet girl on the left, Candy was my first pibble saved off the streets. Sadly, she was a victim of who knows what and we were unable to save her from her demons. She made me want to fight for them and all that goes on. Lucy on the right showed up at a local shelter just 2 months after we lost Candy. Her eye ball had exploded after being attacked. I knew without question that Candy sent her to me to show me she was okay and that she loved me. We adopted Lucy and she's my "one eyed Lucy Lou"! And then came Gracie, the white pibble in the middle. We decided to foster her for the rescue I am a part of, and failed miserably only a month in. She's part of the family now! I will never forget Candy and all she taught me, and I will never quit fighting for them. I will fight so they won't have to.



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