Jessie Megginson
Jessie Megginson campaign leader

In April 2010, 100 dogs had their throats slit or were shot when a sled operator no longer needed them.
In 2009, 100 dogs were found emaciated, chained, and near death in Québec, Canada, and three dead dogs who had been used for sledding were found chained to stakes and frozen to the ground in Canada’s Northwest Territory.
In April 2008, a Montana dog-sledding operator pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals after abandoning 33 chained dogs and allowing them to starve.
In May 2006, authorities in British Columbia seized 51 emaciated, dehydrated, and sick dogs from a kennel that provided dogs for sledding.
In 2005, Krabloonik Kennels in Colorado—the largest dog-sledding operation in the continental U.S.—generated a considerable public outcry when its manager admitted that dogs who didn’t “work out” were killed by a gunshot to the head and dumped into a waste pit. Krabloonik’s manager shrugged off the killings, saying, “[Culling dates] back hundreds of years. This is nothing new. … This is part of the circle of life for the dog-sled dog.”



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