Victory! Kroger and Safeway Reject GE Salmon

Victory! Kroger and Safeway join major retailers in rejecting genetically engineered salmon!

Thanks to the many thousands of you that raised your voices, the #1 and #2 conventional grocery chains, Kroger and Safeway, have joined more than 60 other retailers, seafood companies and restaurants across the U.S. that have made commitments not to sell unnecessary and risky GE salmon. This is big news and it wouldn’t have happened without you!

Kroger and Safeway have joined other major retailers like Target, Meijer, H-E-B, Aldi, Marsh, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods and many others in protecting consumers, wild salmon and the environment by rejecting GE salmon, but there are many companies who still haven’t responded.

Stay tuned to help urge more retailers, seafood companies and restaurants to reject these risky GE salmon!

Check out Center for Food Safety's Guide to Avoiding GE Fish to see which companies we've contacted and where they stand on GE fish.

You can also read our coalition press release about the announcement here.

Thanks for everything you do, Center for Food Safety

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