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BREAKING NEWS: Latest findings from investigations of fur farms.

The response to this anti-fur campaign has been fantastic, with close to 2 500 signatures so far. Thank you everyone!

New footage from investigations done on three FUR FARMS IN FINLAND was released February 22, 2014, revealing shocking conditions on these farms.

Of significance is that these are farms certified by Saga Furs, which has the Origin Assured trademark ((OA™) label. The OA™ label was launched in 2006 as a joint initiative by various PRO-FUR organisations. This label supposedly informs consumers about the country of origin of the fur they buy … “a country where national or local welfare regulations or standards are in force”.

According to Norwegian animal rights group, Network for Animal Freedom, surprise inspections revealed that these “assurance” farms lacked the necessary standards. This has now been confirmed by the latest investigations conducted by Four Paws (UK).

These are the farms from where South African furriers source their pelts!

The myth of “ethical” fur has now been debunked in all Scandinavian countries. THERE IS NOTHING ethical about any fur farm. Please encourage more people to take the pledge.

The footage released may be accessed via the links below.



Together we can make a difference,

Emy (campaign leader)

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