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Stigma in Church and Faith Communities

Triumph Supporters, 

What some of you did last month was incredible. We heard back from a number of survivors saying how encouraged they were that so many people were supporting lifting the stigma that surrounds teen dating violence. Last month 627 of you joined our monthly pledge, and this month we're hoping you'll help us beat that number and meet our goal of 1,000 who pledge to triumph over intimate partner violence. 

Today, and for all of the month of March, our focus at See the Triumph is stigma found in church and faith communities. Unfortunately, many people in our research reported a great deal of stigma when they sought help from leaders and members in their faith communities during the process of leaving an abusive relationship.

Here’s just one quote from our research: 

What he told me is that if I didn’t let him come back that God was gonna curse me and I was gonna die. And I, my reply to him was, “Well, you know, I guess God’s gonna have to curse me and die ‘cause he ain’t coming back.”

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We believe that faith communities should be a place of healing, support, and strength and are deeply saddened by the stories of discrimination, isolation, and blame that survivors experienced when looking for help.

  • Pledge today to do your part.
  • Then tell a friend to pledge too. 
  • Continue to share your stories with us as a way to help break the stigma. 
  • We can’t do this alone. Working together we can stop stigma.

Thanks for caring, 

Christine and Allison Co-founders, See the Triumph campaign

How you can help

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