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We are excited to share with you what we have accomplished together in the last year!

In 2013, case managers received 12,317 incoming calls, messages and emails from victims in 79 countries. The countries with the most incoming calls and emails: United States , United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, Belgium, Ireland, India, Netherlands, Malaysia, Malta, Sweden and  France.

You helped us relocate 14 victims and provided 28 legal consultations, and provided counseling to thousands of survivors. For an organization that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , we have been told that this could not be done by so many people. Well, we are still here and celebrating our fifth year!

Our global mission is only possible because of people like you who believe in the ability and the passion of The Power of What If and its staff, volunteers and board members.

We can't express how grateful we are to you. On the behalf of all of us and all the victims we help, thank you for believing!

Take a moment and read some of our member’s stories at http://www.healingwingsretreat.org

From all of us at Humanity Against Abuse, A Real Man Never Hits a Woman, Healing Wings Retreat and The Power of What If.

Love & Light,

William Collett, Ken Ostrow, Christina Ann Padilla, Dennis Potter, Stephanie Jess, Janny DaBaron, Lynn Donahue and Carrie-Anne Driscoll

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